Application for a license for workers to practice

The demand to recruit foreign workers to work for enterprises in Vietnam has been constantly increasing in recent years. to hire foreign personnel, we need to apply for a license to practice. What are the details of the procedures for completing the application for a license for foreign workers to practice? We will find out in detail in the article below.

Conditions for applying for a work permit application to practice in Vietnam

Foreign workers who want to receive a license to practice in Vietnam need to fully meet the following criteria and conditions:

- Over 18 years old, ensure to have full capacity of human resources.

- Having professional qualifications and working experience in the field and industry for which you are applying.

- Not in the time to serve the penalty or not have the sentence expunged. Not allowed during the period of criminal prosecution, must fully meet the provisions of the law of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

- Being granted a work permit issued by a competent state agency in Vietnam.

Which group of subjects will be granted work permits at Vietnamese enterprises?

- The employee during the performance of the labor contract.

- Allowed to move within the enterprise.

- Being an investor with shares in companies and corporations in Vietnam, with a capital of less than 3 billion VND.

- Commit to fully perform all kinds of contracts or perform well agreements on economy, commerce, finance, health care, education, culture, sports, science and technology.

- As contract service providers.

- Offering services.

- Individuals working for foreign non-governmental organizations or international organizations in Vietnam.

- Individuals responsible for establishing commercial presence.

- Individuals participating in the implementation of bidding packages and projects in Vietnam.

Documents to prepare to apply for a work permit to practice for foreigners

About the documents to be prepared to complete the procedures for applying for a license for workers to practice abroad include:

- Health certificates are valid for 12 months and are issued by competent agencies and organizations, in accordance with regulations of the Ministry of Health.

- A criminal record card or a document certifying that the foreign worker is not being examined for penal liability.

- Documents and papers verifying the manager, operator, expert or technical worker.

- Application photo.

- Copies of personal papers.

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